Rainbow Six: Siege team are holding an AMA

Rainbow Six: Siege team are holding an AMA

Rainbow Six: Siege  got off to a rocky start this and problems with the game still presist following the beta test last weekend.

The game launched on Tuesday and player numbers have not been fantastic by all accounts and the PC servers are still having issues. To try and address concerns the Rainbow Six: Siege team will be taking part in a Reddit AMA on 7 December at 4PM EST.

The team are asking the commmunity to start posting questions now in advance so if you’re wanting to see changes and find out what’s going on with the game start posting in this thread. Rules of the AMA and who will be attending are as follows:

The following Devs will be present to answer your questions on the associated topics:

  • Alexandre – Brand Director
  • Daniel – Lead Game Designer
  • Duff – Lead 3C Programmer
  • François – Associate Producer
  • Geneviève – Community Developer
  • Jalal – Lead 3D Programmer
  • Jean-Baptiste – User Research Manager
  • Lorenzo – Online Architect
  • Pierre – Lead AI Programmer
  • Sapin – Lead Gameplay Programmer
  • Steve – Lead Multiplayer Programmer
  • Vincent – Multiplayer Programmer
  • Xavier – Creative Director

AMA Rules

  • We will focus on the development and design of the game and will avoid topics that are unrelated to it
  • We will skip questions that have already been asked and answered to. We can however clarify things if there’s confusion about a topic or provide you with updates on the state of things when necessary.

The game’s tick-rate and server problems have been a hot topic since the beta and it will be interesting to see if they answer those questions.

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