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The Overwatch League finals finished with a bang on October 4, and as promised, a new hero was announced following the conclusion of the final. While fans were expecting the new tank hero to be Mauga, a former cohort of Baptiste, what we got was a complete surprise. Ramattra is the newest tank hero coming to Overwatch 2, and he’s an Omnic on the opposite spectrum of Zenyatta. And there are some people thirsting over him, it seems.

Ramattra is an Omnic who was created to lead other Omnics into war. Seeking to create a better world for Omnics overall, Rammatra grew bitter over the mistreatment of robotic beings by humans. A jaded soul, Ramattra seeks to find his own place for Omnics. It’s a classic tragic tale of a sympathetic character with a tragic past, with the potential that Ramattra will eventually go over the deep end and take a forsaken path.


Tanks rule the world

Ramattra will be the 11th tank in the game. He follows the new character Junker Queen, who was introduced in Overwatch 2, and the reworked Damage-to-Tank Doomfist. Not much is known about Ramattra’s abilities as of yet. However, we do know the Ramattra has an alternate form that appears to grant him some more combat prowess. This alternate form will also involve his ultimate in some way.

Ramattra will release on December 6 at the start of Season 2. Similar to Kiriko, Ramattra will be unlocked at the later tiers of the game’s battle pass — level 55. While this likely won’t tide over well with players, there’s no indication that Blizzard will change its direction on how players unlock heroes. This also means this will be the first time owners of Overwatch 1 will have to grind out a new hero, as Kiriko was given to original owners for free. Check out Ramattra’s origin story for Overwatch 2 below.

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