Razing eyebrows: Guild Wars 2’s Frost & Flame part three is here

Guild Wars 2

The Guild Wars 2 ‘Frost & Flame’ event has entered its third of four stages, continuing this ‘living story’ (I’ve forgotten what that means, it’s probably something to do with dynamic and changing narrative events) and introducing new features to the game. In this latest installment, dubbed ‘The Razing,’ “a hybrid army erupt through fiery portals in the Shiverpeaks.”

That sounds like something that could cause a few problems.

Here’s what this update will add to the title:

  • Guild Mission Updates – Take on ‘Guild Bounty Target’ missions, cash in for new rewards and many other system improvements
  • New Guild Mission Type – The ‘Bounty Hunt Training’ missions are designed to provide small and casual guilds with an avenue for accessing and unlocking guild content
  • World XP and World Ranks – Participate in WvW events and defeat players to earn World Experience (WXP) and unlock special World Ranks
  • World Abilities, Titles and Scoreboards – Improve your characters, show off your expertise to your enemies through titles and new improved scoreboards

You’ll also be introduced to Rox (the Charr) and Braham (the Norn) who need a hand defending their homelands. Read more about Frost & Flame: The Razing here.

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