Aliens vs Predator developer Rebellion has explained how the melee combat system will work in the upcoming action title.In an interview with IncGamers, Rebellion’s Tim Jones revealed that there will be two types of melee attack, as well as a block feature.We have a kind of “rock-paper-scissors” system where blocking beats fast attacks, heavy attacks beat blocks, and fast attacks beat the slower heavy attacks,” he explained.“It really introduces a level of depth and skill into the melee combat which is obviously important when both the Alien and the Predator are so heavily armed with claws or blades.”Happily, Jones was also able to confirm that Marines will be able to take advantage of grappling enemies.“And yes, you are absolutely able to attack two enemies locked in a melee struggle – fire off a Pulse Rifle Grenade at a grappling Alien and Predator in multiplayer and you are likely to score a particularly satisfying double-kill!”Aliens vs Predator is due for release in February next year, although not in Germany as its censors threatened to refuse to classify the game. Rebellion responded by deciding to avoid the German market, stressing it will not compromise its vision for the game.Stay tuned for the full interview.

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