Red Faction: Armaggedon aiming for ‘unique’ multiplayer, not trying to compete with Call of Duty.
Speaking IncGamers, Volition’s Dan Sutton, Asscioate Producer on Armaggedon has said that “you can’t expect to be riding that Call of Duty market. You’re not going to be able to compete with those guys on the same aspects.”
His comments come in response to being asked how diffiuclty it is to keep a game’s multiplayer modes popular over the long-term. Sutton went on to explain that:
“What we’ve tried to do with Armageddon is focus on something that is more unique… things like the Magnet Gun sets us apart when it comes to multiplayer. We’re definitely not doing the competitive multiplayer stuff this time around – we’re much more focused on the co-op stuff.
“We’re not going to compete with Call of Duty in terms of competitive modes but, we can definitely tap into the Gears of War market – as well as that of some other games.”
However, Sutton was keen to point out that not competing with Call of Duty is a position that has come from the design mantra of Armageddon, rather than a conscious decision to avoid any overlap with the first-person shooter.
“When we decided to go more linear and story-driven in our single player we thought that co-op was something that made more sense for us. We could have done human vs. human but we just didn’t think that it fit properly as it isn’t something that has any part of our single player game. 
“We also did a lot of tests and proved to ourselves that that was the right way to go. It was more about that than actively avoiding the competition.”
Look our for the full transcript of our extensive interview with Dan Sutton later this week.

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