Reinventing the heist in Payday 3

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Payday has been a fan favorite for just over a decade. Its niche gameplay has reached players far and wide and for good measure. Being able to create a scenario alone, or with friends and executing it to perfection, is a feeling like no other. Now, this method of gameplay has expanded tenfold. It seems like Starbreeze Studios is reinventing the heist with the announcement of Payday 3. We got more than just gameplay; we got a release date. But before we get to that, let’s break down the chaotic gameplay trailer.

Based on impressions from the gameplay trailer, Payday 3 seems like it wants to make the heist something different. It looks like verticality and speed add more creativity to the perfect crime. Generally speaking, it seems like you can experiment in many ways.

Additionally, Payday 3 may be more accessible for newcomers. What makes a game great other than making its base wider? Payday 3 looks exactly like that, by making it easier to play and having less of a learning curve than Payday 2.

Since gameplay has expanded, you may see a wider assortment of options for you to use. Each heist could be one-of-a-kind, and that can make Payday 3 an immersive experience overall.

Payday 3: Reinventing heist

From the gameplay trailer, it looks like Payday 3 is retaining its core mechanics, but making it easier to play. Payday 2 wasn’t necessarily hard, but it was chaotic with a learning curve. While we don’t know how much of a difference there will be between the two games, however, based on what Starbreeze Studio said earlier, it seems like the studio wants a larger player base.

If that doesn’t get you excited to play, then knowing it drops September 21 across all platforms, including PC, should do the trick.

Between now and then, jump into the world of Payday 2 to get a feel of what Payday 3 could be. Who knows,  you could really like it!

Payday 3 is available for pre-order via Steam.

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