Remedy, developers of Alan Wake and Quantum Break, will be providing a story mode for upcoming FPS sequel Crossfire 2. That series is created by Korean team Smilegate, who will also be doing the primary work on the sequel.

The first Crossfire title, a free-to-play military based FPS, has a very successful history in China, and reportedly earned $1 billion USD in 2014. Remedy confirmed their partnership with Smilegate in a statement released earlier today.

“The whole team here at Remedy is incredibly excited to be a key partner in developing the future of the Crossfire franchise. Smilegate specifically chose Remedy to bring our unique blend of storytelling, memorable characters and inventive gameplay to Crossfire’s global audience,” it reads.

In a separate tweet (below) Remedy confirmed their role would be to bring “a great story and memorable characters” to Crossfire 2. While it’s probably not the game announcement most Remedy fans would expect or be hoping for, it’s likely to be a nice earner for the studio.

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