Alan Wake developer Remedy Entertainment has revealed it may remove the game’s ending from review code sent to the media prior to the game’s release. Fearful of spoilers hitting the internet, Remedy will apparently hold talks with Microsoft about omitting the final section of the game in order to protect the narrative.”I think we’re going to be insanely careful about how much of the story we reveal,” Remedy Entertainment’s Matias Myllyrinne told G4TV.“We’ll clearly discuss with some of our friends at Microsoft whether we even give the ending of the game for anybody’s preview. I’d like to hold it back, [I] don’t want anybody to spoil it for the audience. That’s just my personal feeling.””An analogy — maybe I use it too much — is it’s kind of like, if you go to see The Sixth Sense and I whisper in your ear ‘Bruce Willis is dead,'” Myllrinne added.”I don’t want to do that. I think there’s more to it than that, but people can piece these things together. They start to gather the puzzle and then all of a sudden [the whole story is] online…”Well, thanks Remedy that’s just great. In the spirit of retribution I can now exclusively reveal Alan Wake’s ending:  Alan Wake is both Kaiser Soze and Tyler Durden and kills Dumbledore.

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