As is so often the case in PC gaming, a tremendous modder has stepped in to correct publisher oversight. Resident Evil Revelations 2 launched on the PC without an offline co-op mode, but this newly released mod reinstates it.

Created by a user named ‘Sectus’ at the Neogaf forums, the mod enables the activation of local co-op play. The download in Sectus’ post includes ‘Fluffy Manager’ (a known mod manager and trainer for various Resi games) with the Resident Evil Revelations 2 mod already integrated.

These are his instructions for getting co-op up and running: “Change current game to Revelations 2 in the menu, launch Revelations 2, and then turn on local coop (have to activate trainer first), and then choose a chapter in the game or restart checkpoint, and that should do the trick.”

There are some known issues with the release, the most significant of which is probably that keyboard controls currently affect both players. Sectus says he’s unlikely to be able to fix this, so you’ll need a couple of gamepads. Raid mode local co-op doesn’t work at present, and attempting to switch co-op on “while switching between Claire/Moira in singleplayer mode” may seriously confuse the game. Toggle it on while Revelations 2 is paused.

Capcom’s apology and statement about the lack of PC offline co-op in Resident Evil Revelations 2 implies that the company may add the feature back in future updates. For now, this mod is your best option.

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