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One of the first ostentatious locked doors you’ll come across in Resident Evil Village is the crest gate that allows access into the Dimitrescu Castle. This gate requires two crests to open, as well as another extra step. This guide will tell you where to find the crests, as well as how to use them to open the gate. Or maybe you can just chill in the village. It’s a lot safer there, trust me. For now.

The first crest is pretty much impossible to miss. One of the first buildings you’ll spot in the village is the church. It’s a big, church-shaped church, so you’ll know it when you see it. The first crest is located in the center of the room, in front of the pews. Grab it and steel yourself, because the second one is trickier. Hints let you know that the other crest is in Luiza’s house. You can reach it by going  into the field directly connected to the property the church is on. There’s a creepy scarecrow and a bunch of stalks. Oh, you just know something bad is about to happen.


Go into the field, but there are a few lycans within it. It’s hard to see them until they’re right on top of you, but you can hear the snarling easily. Lovely. You can either attempt to sneak through the stalks or fight the enemies directly. Luiza’s house is located directly across from the church, but you can’t go there quite yet, as the gate is locked. You want to enter the shack to the right of the gate. Once inside, you’ll meet a couple of characters and a scene will play. Afterward, climb through the window then step on the platform near it. You can use this to climb over into Luiza’s property.

Resident Evil Village crest gate

Resident Evil Village crest gate

All you need to do now is unlock the gate, and the two characters will come inside. You’ll watch some scenes play out. Don’t waste your bullets on this enemy, he’ll get taken care of in a scene. Once you get control back, you’ll see a truck. You’ll obviously need to get in that. Take a look around, but look for an openable drawer in the kitchen. You’ll come across the truck keys, but the game won’t let you look away. Rotate the keys and look to the underside, then you’ll find a screwdriver.

Once you’ve got those, get in the truck and follow a linear course of events, walking up to the top of the house. Once you’re back outside, go to that locked box in front of the house. Use the screwdriver and you’ll obtain the second crest. Go back to the gate and place both crests. All you need to do is rotate them so they match the surrounding parts of the gate. Once you do, the door will open and you can get into the Dimitrescu Castle.

That’s all you need to do to open the crest gate in Resident Evil Village. Make sure and check out the rest of our guides if you need any help getting through the other parts.

Resident Evil Village crest gate


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