Resident Evil Village Mercenaries Chris trailer

Resident Evil Village Mercenaries trailer shows off Chris and Lady Dimitrescu

Shoot, smash, or stab.

A new trailer released, giving us a better look at the new characters coming to The Mercenaries Additional Orders in Resident Evil Village. The trailer doesn’t tell us much more than the previous one from June, but it does show how Chris Redfield, Heisenberg, and Lady Dimitrescu will play. These characters will be included in Resident Evil Village‘s Gold Edition.

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Even though Resident Evil Village brought Mercenaries mode back to the franchise, it was fairly lackluster, especially compared to Resident Evil 4‘s version, which had four playable characters and four maps with varying enemy types. In Village, Ethan was the only playable character in the mode, even though Chris was already playable in the game. Ultimately, it was pretty disappointing and didn’t offer anything special that the main game didn’t already. But this trailer shows that Capcom is bringing plenty with the Additional Orders mercenaries mode update.


Three more characters to choose from

The trailer for the new content coming to Mercenaries mode is fairly short, but there’s plenty to pull from it. Our first character to discuss is Chris Redfield, a familiar face to those who have played Resident Evil Village already. His gameplay doesn’t look too much different here. He still uses his Dragoon assault rifle and can call down air strikes on enemies. And yes, he can also punch. As Chris kills enemies, his onslaught gauge builds, which increases his movement and reload speed. All in all, he doesn’t look too different from his appearance in the main game. Still, it’s nice to play as the series’ classic protagonist.

Resident Evil Village Mercenaries Heisenberg trailer

Next up is Heisenberg, and it looks like he’s bringing a lot to the table. Heisenberg’s main weapon is his gigantic hammer, which can be charged and slammed down to take out multiple enemies at once. He also shows off his telekinetic abilities by tossing a saw blade at a boss. That’s not all he can do, since you’ll also be able to summon a Soldat Jet as a companion. This move set is completely different from anything in Ethan’s or Chris’ arsenal and should make for some fun carnage.

Last but not least is Lady Dimitrescu. Her gigantic claws are her main weapon, and they seem to pack a punch. With each kill, her Thrill meter increases and gives her access to more powerful abilities. These include a swarm of flies to distract and stun enemies and the ability to summoning her daughters. Lady Dimitrescu’s nine-foot-tall stature also allows her to tower over enemies. If there’s any character Resident Evil Village fans have looked forward to, it’s probably Lady Dimistrescu.

And that’s not all

The three new characters shown in the trailer aren’t all that’s being added to the Mercenaries mode in Resident Evil Village. Two new maps are on the way as well, titled Bloody Village and Bloody River. These could be very welcome additions to help spice things up in the mode. In comparison to what we had at launch, this makes the mode far more interesting. Hopefully, Capcom can bring a little more to the next game featuring the Mercenaries mode at launch.

These additions are included in the Resident Evil Village‘s Gold Edition. This also comes with the Winters Expansion, which features a third-person mode, and the Shadows of Rose story add-on. If you’re a fan of Resident Evil Village, you’ll have plenty to check out when the Gold Edition releases on October 28.

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