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Respawn Entertainment are the studio formed by the former heads of Infinity Ward, Jason West and Vince Zampella. That split happened in 2010, but three years on Respawn is all set to share details of its first project, Titanfall.

This was all no doubt intended for an E3 reveal, but information has leaked thanks to someone sending out digital copies of a gaming publication a little too early. A chap calling himself ‘Cartman86’ shared a whole bunch of this stuff over at NeoGaf.

Amongst those details is the news that Titanfall will be coming to the PC. It’s said to be a multiplayer focused (though a “one player mode” is also mentioned) battle between mechs (Titans) and ground troops. Respawn will be using a heavily modified Source engine to power the game, are said to have aimed for a District 9 type atmosphere.

Despite being mechs, the titular Titans are supposedly rather quick, capable of fast speeds and agile moves. That doesn’t make them invincible, of course; and even ground troops will be able to kill them if they can hop up onto the head and blow up the “brain.”

There will inevitably be much more revealed about the game during E3 (probably Microsoft’s and EA’s conferences,) so look out for more details and trailers in the coming days.

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