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Everyone loves a bad movie now and then. If not for the irony of its awfulness, like The Room, then for the joy that comes with subjecting friends to immense visual torture. Now, a new party game is chuckling onto the scene, adding an extra edge to how you make fun of your favorite awful film. Rifftrax: The Game is an upcoming multiplayer party game where players can “write the best jokes over some of the worst bits of what can loosely be called cinema,” and it’s heading to PC in a couple of months.

In this game, you’re presented with a movie clip from classic awful movies, like Rollergator, Attack of the Supermonsters, and Plan 9 From Outer Space. These clips come from a collection of over 250 clips, all abominations. You’ll get to “write your own riff,” or a funny interpretation of what the heck is going on in the scene, and try to make your friends laugh along the way. You can then choose¬† who truly had the best riff.


We love bad movies

Subjecting you to bad movies are the stars of the Emmy-nominated Mystery Science Theater 3000, a TV program about a random guy and his two robot friends watching bad movies. The legacy of the show is in full force here, as the three stars Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett bring their comedic commentary to the game. You’ll be roasting cinema catastrophes with the pros!

Rifftrax: The Game will allow six players with any internet connected device to play head-to-head with each other, with an additional 12 audience members. These friends can also play with each other anywhere, with support for remote gameplay, cross-play, and voice chat. Your favorite Twitch streamer can even jump onto this opportunity with integrated Twitch chat voting. Rifftrax: The Game will release for PC via Steam on May 5. You can check out the trailer below for a closer look at some of the gameplay.

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