Trion has revealed another instance from its forthcoming MMO, RIFT. It’s a five-man dungeon named The Fall of Lantern Hook, located at the bottom of a deep well in the Droughtlands.
Those who swim to the very depths of the well are transported to a land of endless flame; a vision of what Telara will become if the Ascended fail in their mission. Guardians believe the experiences in Lantern Hook are visions sent by the Vigil, while the Defiant suspect it is an alternative future.
Players can expect to encounter Flamebringer Druhl, the demonic general of the Wanton armies, and Pyromancer Cortilnald, “arguably the greatest living Mage of his school.” The area is also inhabited by packs of Kobolds. Those damn Kobolds, they get everywhere in fantasy titles don’t they?
Glance below for a couple of Lantern Hook images, and don’t forget that IncGamers has thousands of VIP beta keys to give away. Get in there now to stand a great chance of taking part in tomorrow’s beta session. For a closer look at Lantern Hook, head over to our sister site RIFT: IncGamers for the full lowdown.

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