Rift: Planes Of Telara, Scarlet Gorge – Screens, Video & Details

Trion Worlds has revealed another location in its forthcoming MMO, Rift: Planes Of Telara.
Scarlet Gorge is a once-beautiful area, now strip-mined for “sourcestone” (though, as the windmills in the video show, at least they used some sustainable energy as part of this process.) As a result, the location is a hot-spot for trouble, so you can expect the Guardians, Defiant and the Dragon Cults from the planes of Earth and Death to “rush headlong into a four-way massacre.”
In Trion’s words: “Scarlet Gorge will serve as a cauldron, where blood is the broth, greed, ambition, and devotion the spice, all boiled by the heat of the Fire Rifts into a brew to sate Telara’s enemies.” Lovely.
Look below for some screens, plus a fly-through video.

Video fly-through:

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