RIFT released on Origin with bonus items

TRION have added a new way to get your hands on their MMO RIFT, it has now been added to EA’s Origin platform.
The game can be picked up thorugh origin as either the Standard Edition (£19.99) or the slightly more expensive Ashes of History edition (£24.99). There are some bonuses available for a limited period if you grab the game through Origin.
Ascended Gift Pack includes:

Screechling Vanity Pet
Spirit Woven Backpack – 10 slot bag
Essence of Magic (10) – Restores a small amount of mana
Essence of Health (10) – Restores a small amount of health
Soul Nectar (20) – Restores a moderate amount of health and mana over 10 seconds
Words of Might (5) – Temporarily increases Dexterity, Strength, Intelligence, and Wisdom