RIFT Server Lists Revealed

With only one more day until the early start for TRION’s MMORPG RIFT, they released final list of servers for the retail launch. If you are playing in a guild then start discussing which will be your final server. 
US Servers
Belmont PvE
Briarcliff PvP
Byriel PvE
Deepstrike PvP
Faeblight RP
Gnarlwood PvE
Greybriar PvE
Keenblade PvE
Lotham PvP
Reclaimer PvP
Seastone PvP
Shadefallen RP
Shatterbone PvE
Snarebrush PvP
Spitescar PvP
Sunrest PVP-RP
Wolfsbane PvE
Europe Servers
Akala DE RP
Brutwacht DE PvE
Trübkopf DE PvP
Argent EN RP
Blightweald EN PvE
Cloudborne EN PvP
Firesand EN PVP-RP
Icewatch EN PvE
Steampike EN PvE
Whitefall EN PvP
Brisesol FR PvE
Rubicon FR PvP
TRION also launched the early start section fo their website where pre-ordered customers can download the new client. The old Beta client needs to be removed before installing and the new file weighs in at 8.3Gb.
For all the latest on RIFT check RIFT: IncGamers

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