Rift’s Storm Legion flashes into closed beta this month

Trion has announced some dates for the first closed beta session of its Rift expansion, Storm Legion. Beginning this coming Friday (5 October) and concluding on 7 October, access will be granted to anybody who pre-order the add-on. Indeed, those people will get access to all planned beta events, across October and into November.

In this particular closed beta, players will be able to look around “the new leveling zones of Pelladane, Cape Jule, and the city of Tempest Bay” as well as try out the four new souls included in the Storm Legion expansion. You’ll also be able to customise your own Dimensions, which sounds … metaphysical.

Existing subscribers will be able to copy their characters over to the beta shard. If you fancy sneaking in a pre-order before the closed beta begins, you’ll need to head here.

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