RIOT are working with ISPs to improve your pings as part of their three phase plan.

There’s not many developers that would go to the time and expense of convincing ISPs they need their own direct network to improve ping times, but League of Legends isn’t exactly a small game.

RIOT has been looking at ways to improve the gameplay experience which has been hampered for some by outdated infrastructure and ISP routing in the US. While RIOT can update servers without a problem, to get the best pings for players they need to improve on how League of Legends traffic is being handled and that means talking to ISPs. Riot explains:

“Currently, ISPs focus primarily on moving large volumes of data in seconds or minutes, which is good for buffered applications like YouTube or Netflix but not so good for real-time games, which need to move very small amounts of data in milliseconds. On top of that, your internet connection might bounce all over the country instead of running directly to where it needs to go, which can impact your network quality and ping whether the game server is across the country or right down the street.”

The goal of this initiative is to reduce ping times and improve the stability. Progress has been made with some ISPs already involved says RIOT.

“We now peer with Comcast, Charter, Shaw, Telus, and we are in negotiations with Time Warner Cable, Verizon, Cox Communications, CenturyLink, and many other ISPs. We’re targeting those that carry most of our players, so odds are your ISP is already on the list of folks we are talking to!

“It can take us many months to work with large ISP companies to achieve even modest results. Gaming is currently not a priority for most. However we are investing a lot of time in educating the ISPs that have LoL players as customers. It is very company dependent and we expect it will be a long road to travel but ultimately great for gamers.”

This latest update is part of RIOT’s three phase plan to improve connectivity for players and most of the ISP work they hope to have concluded by the end of March this year.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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