Rise of Immortals launches later this month

Petroglyph’s free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) title Rise of Immortals will launch commercially on 12 September.
Twelve is also the number of ‘immortals’ that the game will launch with, though more are scheduled to be released “on a regular basis”. Rise of Immortals will provide the usual PvE and PvP options, as well as persistent level progression and artifacts (so if you find something cool for one of your characters, you’ll get to hang on to it).
An open beta session for the title is still ongoing, and can be joined at the game’s official site. People who do so will receive 1,000 ‘Petroglyph Coins’ (magical virtual currency that’s somehow worth $10 USD) and a free “king of bling” golden skin for an immortal named Psychozen (pictured below).