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Rise of Incarnates
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Rise of Incarnates gets new extended trailer. Alpha on 30 May

Rise of Incarnates

The PC isn’t exactly known for its abundance of fighting games but Namco’s Rise of Incarnates is coming with an alpha test starting shortly.

Rise of the Incarnates focuses on 2v2 gameplay, it’s free to play and it’s only coming to the PC. That’s just a few reasons you should probably keep an eye on this. The game is being created by the Tekken and SoulCalibur team so there’s a pretty good chance this is will be quality.

Following the announcement last month, Namco has released a new “extended trailer” which shows more of the gameplay and comes with some voiceover highlighting features to watch out for. There’s also an alpha test planned for 30 May – 1 June but you have to get your name down now on the official site. Apparently if you sign-up you’ll be sent download instructions in advance.

Let’s FIGHT!

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