Risk of Rain 2: How the Delicate Watch Works & How to Get it Battle

As you play through every new run of Risk of Rain 2, you need to get your hands on as many buff items as you can. Each one bolster and empowers the player character until they become an ultimate weapon of destruction and mayhem. With the expansion Survivors of the Void, a whole collection of new items was added to the roster. One in particular, the Delicate Watch, adds a health buff. This is at the risk of losing the item when the player’s health drops below 25%. Knowing how the Delicate Watch works and how to get it Risk of Rain 2 will keep you smashing through waves of enemies.

Risk of Rain 2: How the Delicate Watch Works & How to Get it

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How the Delicate Watch works in Risk of Rain 2

The item is quite simple in its use. For every instance of Delicate Watch collected, your health is boosted by 20%. As with most items, this buff can stack indefinitely. As it is quite a common item, chances are you will have a significant damage boost providing they’re still functional.

If your health drops below 25%, then all instances of the Delicate Watch will break and they will be replaced by the item Broken Delicate Watch. These will have no use at all and cannot be scrapped.

Where to get the Delicate Watch in Risk of Rain 2

The first thing you will need is the new Survivors of the Void expansion. This will unlock all the content that comes with it, including the Delicate Watch item. Once the expansion is added, the Delicate Watch will drop when crates are opened. It is a remarkably common item, so I expect that once you know how the Delicate Watch works and how to get it, you’ll end up with a fair few of them in your arsenal.

Risk of Rain 2: How the Delicate Watch Works & How to Get it snow biome

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A few things to note

Power Elixer – If you have a power elixir, when your health drops below 25%, instead of your Delicate Watch breaking you will simply use the elixir.

Shrine of Blood – Using the second or third Shrine of Blood offering will break the delicate watch. Be careful when activating this.

Note: Check out our Risk of Rain 2 guides hub for more tips and tricks.

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