How to get the Monster Magnet in Roblox Blox Fruits

How to Get Black Cape in Blox Fruits
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One of Roblox‘s most popular experiences to date, Blox Fruits, has just released its twentieth update and already players are going crazy with the amount of fresh additions to the game.

From new raid bosses to powerful weapons, there’s a ton of new stuff that’s just been released into the game.

Blox Fruits is an RPG adventure where players can journey across the enemy-rich world as they work to climb the leaderboard, collect rare items and take down the strongest bosses they can. Work alone or in a team and trade with others to achieve the best loadout you can for your playstyle of choice. In this guide we will cover how you can get the Monster Magnet in Blox Fruits, an item that is used to spawn in the Leviathan and the Anchor Terrorshark.

How can you obtain the Monster Magnet?

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The only way that you can get the Monster Magnet in Roblox Blox Fruits is to talk with the Shark Hunter NPC, who can be found on the new Tiki Outpost Island which is located in the Third Sea. You only need to go to the large building (the main one) shown in the image above, and then head towards the left of that central building to reach the Shark Hunter NPC. He also sells a bunch of other Accessories which you may find value in obtaining, such as the Shark Tooth Necklace and the Terror Jaw, both useful items in their own rights.

How do you make the Monster Magnet?

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After you have found the Shark Hunter NPC, you will need to exchange your items with him in order to obtain the Monster Magnet itself. Speak with the NPC and then click on the Monster Magnet from his list of available items. Click ‘Craft’ and you will then only need to check your inventory to ensure the transaction went through. Here is a list of the items you need to craft the Monster Magnet in Blox Fruits:

  • 2x Terror Eyes – Find these by defeating the Terrorshark Raid Boss
  • 20x Fool’s Gold – Find this resource through a variety of different Sea Events
  • 10x Shark Tooth – Get these items by eliminating sharks or by purchasing them from the Shark Hunter NPC
  • 8x Electric Wings – This rare resource can only be found by taking down the Thunderbird Miniboss on the Tiki Outpost Island while the Rough Sea Event is ongoing.

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