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Roblox making its way on PlayStation 5

All those weird games you've been making can be seen by a bigger audience.

Looks like PlayStation 5  fans can finally jump into the world of Roblox and be a part of this ever-changing landscape. Roblox has been a juggernaut in the gaming world, so it makes sense for the console maker to be a part of the trend. With a large player base that makes up the PlayStation 5, Roblox has the potential to become even larger. While Roblox has a deal with Facebook’s parent company Meta to have a VR port on their platform, this inclusion just makes it better for the game. 

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PlayStation owners can finally join the fun in Roblox

If you’re excited about the game that has limitless potential, you’ll be happy to know Roblox will drop on October 10 of this year. It’ll feature cross-play enabling you to play with PC, Mobile, and other platforms where Roblox is on. If you’re a PlayStation 4 user, don’t worry, Roblox is coming to the last-gen console as well at the same time. This is welcoming news because while the game is so massive, you don’t have to shell out a lot of money just to play Roblox with your friends. On top of that, it looks like everything from the PC version of the game will make its way onto the PlayStation port. Mechanics that may be coming over are things like the high degree of customization and the ability to make many interesting games like these highly rated Roblox games.

From playing a few modes of Roblox myself, I can see this taking off in the long run. Since the game allows to a degree to make whatever you want, there’s quite a bit for PlayStation users to do. Having Roblox on a console such as the PlayStation 4 and 5 allows the game to be even more accessible. With the full support of Sony behind Roblox, it’ll be interesting to see what players make and where the game goes. 

While there’s no confirmation for VR support at the time of writing this, one can imagine support for virtual reality will come in no time. 

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