Rocket League’s Basketball Mode Is Coming in April For Free

Rocket League has progressed into a gaming phenomenon and after several months of active gameplay and goal scoring, it’s time to get a huge update called “Dunk House”. Developer Psyonix had teased us for the last month regarding this mode and now we have an official announcement on Rocket League’s Twitter account.

The gif above provides us with a short clip, which does include though the most important information: how will the cars play basketball instead of soccer? It appears that this time the jump button will be pushed more often and we can only imagine what will happen when cars will jump around the “backboard” in order to score or to kick the opponent out. Looking at the gif raises the hype level even more and we really hope that Psyonix can keep their promise about releasing the update this month, in time for the NBA playoffs.

The best thing about Dunk House? It will be completely free, which means that PC gamers and PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners will have an important reason to start training in the Rocket League training field for the next days.

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