Rockstar’s Amazing Punishment for Cheaters in Max Payne 3

In a clever move, Rockstar have created an amusing and innovative way of punishing those who use exploits, hacks and all manner of methods to cheat in the Max Payne 3 multiplayer game modes.

Here’s what Rockstar had to say:

“Anyone found to have used hacked saves, modded games, or other exploits to gain an unfair advantage in Max Payne 3 Multiplayer, or to circumvent the leaderboards will be quarantined from all other players into a “Cheaters Pool”, where they’ll only be able to compete in multiplayer matches with other confirmed miscreants”

So essentially the cheaters get sent to a special little place for cheaters to hang out and mess up the game for each other. An amusing side effect of this is that once their cheating ways no longer work, since they are all fighting with the same underhanded methods, they will likely either stop cheating so they can play the game properly again or just give up all together, unfortunately however, likely finding a new game to go and ruin for everyone.

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