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The Dragon Lancer is a class in Rogue Legacy 2 that specializes in aerial combat. It is an extremely mobile melee class that deals hefty damage. If the Duelist is the class that uses its mobility to counterattack, then the Dragon Lancer is the class that uses its mobility to barrage enemies in an all-out attack. We put together this handy guide to help you get the most out of the Dragon Lancer class while playing Rogue Legacy 2.

Unlocking the Dragon Lancer class requires your castle to be at level 30. The Lancer alongside the Boxer are the first classes that can be unlocked in Rogue Legacy 2 after level 18. This level gap means that you will likely have to purchase other upgrades first to power up the castle. First, spend one point in Meditation Studies and Foundry, as these are required to unlock the Dragon Lancer. Afterward, it is best to invest gold into Arsenal and Sauna, which both increase weapon damage. Do this until level 30 when you can purchase the Dragon Lancer.


Charge Lance

The Charge Lance is an explosive lance that is the key to this class’ mobility. Historically, lances were used as charging weapons for cavalry, but Rogue Legacy 2‘s interpretation takes them to another level. When charged up, the Charge Lance allows you to fly forwards, closing the gap on enemies in an instant while dealing critical damage in the process. This attack is called Flying Joust, and it’s what makes this class so fun to play.

During a Flying Joust, you can control your heir in mid-flight. Being able to move through the air either up or down makes it easy to aim. This is furthered by the attack’s forgiving hitbox that often lands when it probably shouldn’t. Flying Joust is great for dealing damage, but it’s also one of the best mobility tools in Rogue Legacy 2. By using Spin Kick to cancel the charge, and then re-using Flying Joust to glide upward, it’s possible to stay in the air indefinitely. For some biomes, this can be used to skip the entire level. There are even areas that require specific Heirlooms to progress that can be reached early by using the attack over and over. As for its use during combat, the Lance’s regular attack should be used to knock back enemies and then follow up with a Flying Joust to deal the bulk of your damage.

Rogue Legacy 2 Dragon Lancer class classes guide Charge Lance Flying Joust Attack


Bastion is the Dragon Lancer’s talent in Rogue Legacy 2. With the Charge Lance having so many offensive capabilities, it isn’t too surprising that this class’ talent is an exclusively defensive tool. When deployed, Bastion places down a huge barrier that negates all incoming attacks for just over three seconds. Once it expires, Bastion goes on a six-hit cooldown. That means that you have to land six hits with your Charge Lance to use it again. Also, only attacks landed after the shield has disappeared are counted.

An interesting aspect of Bastion is that it can be used during Flying Joust. So if a high-risk, high-reward opportunity arises it can be a good idea to use Flying Joust and then activate Bastion mid-flight to avoid taking damage. This combination lets you get away with being aggressive, and is especially useful during boss fights. Just be aware that, once Bastion is used, the Dragon Lancer has no other defensive tools — unlike some other classes in Rogue Legacy 2. You are vulnerable, and mistakes will be punished.

Rogue Legacy 2 Dragon Lancer class classes guide Bastion Talent Defensive Shield


Unfortunately, Armored is amongst the worst passive abilities in Rogue Legacy 2. All it does is grant 20% extra armor to any heir that is a Dragon Lancer. This is a less useful variant of the Barbarian’s Tough passive ability that grants 20% extra health.

The main problem with Armored is that armor in general is less useful than health. Castle Upgrades that improve armor such as Foundry and Blast Furnace are important in the late game, but not at this level. It’s the same case with equipment, which is necessary as you progress, but can mostly be ignored at lower levels. The good news is that Armored eventually becomes decent once you get around to investing in the appropriate upgrades. However, these shouldn’t be prioritized over upgrades to Strength, Vitality, gold earned, and powerful runes.

Rogue Legacy 2 Dragon Lancer Armored Passive Ability

Note: For more information, check out our Rogue Legacy 2 guides and features hub.

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