Rogue-lite City of Brass coming from former Irrational devs

Rogue-lite City of Brass coming from former Irrational devs

Uppercut, a team comprised in part from former Irrational Australia staff, have announced a first-person rogue-lite called City of Brass. Set in an Arabian Nights themed metropolis populated by supernatural guardians, it’s your task to steal as many things as possible.

Besides the ghoul-like forces, another antagonist will be time itself. You’ll need to stay on the move, because there’s an absolute time limit within which you have to make your escape. Death in City of Brass is permanent, and the “shifting streets” of the city mean that successive play-throughs will differ. It doesn’t sound like you get to keep progression across runs, but you’ll be able to use what you’ve learned mechanically to get further.

Judging by the trailer (below) there’s a bit of Dark Messiah in the gameplay. Pushing enemies into traps and improvising with explosive pots is very reminiscent of the better parts of that game. Your main weapons will be the blade and whip (which can be used to stun or disarm enemies, swing to safety, and grab objects, which sounds pretty versatile).

If you want to make City of Brass more difficult, you’ll be able to carry optional ‘Divine Burdens’ to modify enemy behaviours and environmental encounters. The game’s official site is over here. It’s coming to PC in autumn/fall 2017.

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