Curse Of The Dead Gods Early Access

Focus Home Interactive and Passtech Games have just revealed that roguelike isometric dungeon crawler Curse of the Dead Gods is coming to Steam Early Access on March 3. The announcement was made with an action-packed trailer that also gives us a first look at Curse of the Dead Gods‘ gameplay.

Be careful what you wish for

In your search for riches, eternal life, and divine powers, you delve deeper and deeper into an accursed temple. The seemingly endless labyrinth inside is filled with deadly traps, monsters, and malignant deities. Your greed will constantly lead you to your death. But death is not the end. You can rise to fight again, for a price.

Curse of the Dead Gods has the typical hacking and slashing you’d expect from a dungeon crawler, but it’s added some unique mechanics on top of the action combat that give it a lot more depth. You’ll collect mystical relics and an arsenal of weapons on your expedition, but corruption builds in you with every step. You can embrace it and the power it holds or choose to ignore it. But there will be consequences.

Curse Of The Dead Gods Relics

Relics will help you reach new heights of power.

More, more, more

Curse of the Dead Gods is launching into Early Access because Focus Home Interactive and Passtech Games want the input of the community as they continue to develop the game. “Curse of the Dead Gods is a modular game with great replayability, and we believe that Early Access will make the most of it,” said Passtech Games CEO Sylvain Passot. He also revealed, “At the start of the EA, players will have access to what can be considered as about a third of the final content in production.”

Passot assured players that there is a lot to discover in the first segment of the game. You won’t have to wait long for new content to arrive, either. There are a bunch of updates planned for the next few months.

New temples are being developed for you to explore, each with a unique universe inside. To assist you in your descent into hell (or rise to godhood), new weapons, curses, and relics are being created. And of course, you’ll also need something to test these powerful tools on. Fortunately, there are also new traps and more enemies in the works.

Curse Of The Dead Gods Routes

Choose your route in a similar fashion to Slay the Spire.

The developers also intend to create new game modes and mechanics for Curse of the Dead Gods as it progresses through Early Access. Based on community feedback, many more features and improvements will be added.

Curse of the Dead Gods is currently not available for purchase or pre-order, but you can add it to your Steam wishlist in anticipation of its Early Access arrival on March 3.

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