rollers of the realm

That’s just how this game rolls. Sorry.

It’s a day for curious genre mash-ups here at IncGamers, as Rollers of the Realm aims to combine pinball and RPGs. Both are pursuits normally undertaken with intense concentration in darkened rooms, so they share that in common already.

I’d say this was the most unusual genre combo I’d seen today, but Tim already wrote about Crypt of the NecroDancer which mixes roguelikes and rhythm action. Still, Rollers of the Realm is running that game close.

Judging by the trailer (below,) you follow a medieval fantasy storyline and make periodic stops to launch pinballs at pesky bandits and skeletons and things. Smacking enemies around with carefully aimed shots lowers their health and (ultimately, I assume) levels up your characters. Gold and mana are in the mix too, and I do believe I caught sight of some manner of boss fight towards the end of the video.

Rollers of the Realm has won all kinds of indie awards (the video will inform you of those, too) so that’s quite a good sign. As far as I know these are actually meaningful accolades, rather than the sort of “winner of 3,478 E3 awards!” guff you get from other games.

The title is due “Holiday 2014,” which I think is a US code phrase for “near Thanksgiving, in November.”

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