Rovio has announced a sub-brand for Angry Birds, called Angry Birds Stella. The brand will be centered around Pink and her friends, and really, it’s Angry Birds for girls without Rovio being upfront about it.

What I mean by that is Rovio’s press releases won’t even use the words women, girls, female or something similar to identify the brand, but that’s clearly what it’s about. They will use words like empowerment, inspiration, and real issues. Rovio seems to have forward looking aspirations with the brand, but it does not all appear to be on the level.

The brand will be used in Angry Birds’ physical and digital products, although we do not know for now if this will include an Angry Birds Stella game. It is likely Pink and company will appear in main Angry Birds games. We do want to believe Rovio’s heart is in the right place with this one, but we’ll all see for ourselves when they unveil Stella’s products in the coming months.

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