A new screenshot was recently posted on the official Prince of Persia forums.

It seems that there will be a Middle Eastern setting for the game, which happens to be kept really well under wraps for the most part. There was also a few images leaked from an unreleased Ubisoft trailer just before this years E3, which also looked to fit Prince of Persia and its Middle East setting rather well. Also a line of text at the bottom of the image says POP_ZERO_2 which is a rather large clue as to which game the image is related to.

It’s also worth notice the game appears to be running in DirectX11 as is seen in the image, which could be a small hint toward the game being intended for next gen systems rather then current gen. Also the fact that the game in its state during the time of the image was running at 13 frame per second alludes to the possibility of a next gen release too, since it appears to require a substantial amount of power for a playable framrate.


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