If rumors are to be believed then Bethesda may be taking over the development of STALKER 2, and there is a reason this rumor could well be true.

Back when the game had initially been cancelled by the developer, GSC, which was facing serious financial problems, the news was initially outed by a Sergey Galyonkin, a Russian blogger who happened to be right on the money. This new rumor also happens to come from the same person.

Bethesda do not actually own the rights to STALKER, however Galyonkin is claiming that they have the rights to develop a game that is based around the franchise, but that they would have to use their own technology to build the game. This shouldn’t exactly be a problem for them since they have both id Tech 5 and the Creation Engine in their hands which was used to create Skyrim, and would also likely make a good engine for a STALKER game to be created on.


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