An interesting image appeared on the web recently, where a Reddit user has claimed to have taken a photo inside Valve’s offices. The photo shows what appears to be a controller with a built in screen, which has a stunning resemblance to the Xbox 360 controller.

In fact, the controller is the same shape, with all the same button and trigger placements and even colors. To an extent the controller actually looks a lot like a modified Xbox 360 controller, Which is actually quite a plausible explanation.

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The object in question could actually be from Jeri Ellsworth’s workshop and just another of her bizarre creations. The image certainly appears to be from Jeri’s workshop, not only can you see her in the background, but her infamous Commodore 64 guitar is also leaning against the wall in the photo.

Could this be just a random creation or perhaps something we could see implemented in the next Xbox console? Personally I would assume it to be nothing more than a modified Xbox 360 controller personally, However the idea of a screen being implemented into the controller isn’t really very far fetched, since Microsoft may want to make sure the Wii-U doesn’t have a feature that their next console lacks.


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