Frogster has shared details with IncGamers on an upcoming addition to its MMO, Runes Of Magic: The Dungeon of Dalanis. This new group instance is for six players, and will be added to the game with the release of Chapter III – The Elder Kingdoms next month. The dungeon, located beneath the sprawling city of Dalanis, was the home to aristocratic criminals but it has been hidden from the world for centuries. In the mean time, the evil Prince Maxim Erekat III has been conducting hideous experiments on the the dungeon’s denizens, attempting to gain power over the city above. Now that the dungeon’s existence has come to his attention, the King has ordered adventurers down into the pit to rid the land of the menace. Players with characters of level 57 and over can venture down into the Dungeon of Dalanis to face Prince Maxim Erekat III, the end boss of the instance, and his four side-kicks which are results of his experiments. See four exclusive images of the new dungeon below: 

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