Runes of Magic Patch 1.9 Live, New Screenshots

Patch 1.9, the latest update for the free to play MMO Runes of Magic, is now live.The patch, ‘Naga’s Awakening’, features the return of the snake-like creatures, who inhabit the swampy Weeping Coast area. A series of new quests explain the history of the region, and will eventually lead players to the bottom of the sea, where more new content can be found including a new dungeon.The public encounter, the ‘Varanas Nightmare’, allows up to 150 players to step into the nightmare world where the capital city of Varanas is in ruin and under siege by the undead. At the end of this encounter players face the Demon Lord himself for the first time.Naga’s Awakening also raises the level cap up to 52 in preparation for RoM’s second chapter, The Elven Prophecy, which goes live on 15 September.Check out our Runes of Magic preview for more info on the game but in the meantime see images of patch 1.9 below:

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