With the recent departure of Mark Gerhad, CEO of Jagex, fans of Runescape 3 are voicing their concerns about the future of the game on the online forums and on sub-Reddits, especially as the latest update has seemingly made player dependancy on microtransactions worse.

In around October, Mark Gerhard tweeted –

I’m now officially on “Garden Leave” until the end of the year. – Mark Gerhard(@Mark__Gerhard) October 4, 2014

Garden leave  is a ‘state of being’ for employees leaving a job, where they are instructed to stay away from work while still remaining on the payroll. These practices are often done to prevent employees from taking sensitive and up-to-date data, especially when the employee in question could work for a competitor.

Currently it is believed that Alex Crissey a senior associate at Insight Venture Partners (IVP) will take over as CEO. Some speculate that the board had forced Mark’s resignation, whilst others point to the recent failure of Transformers Universe as a potential cause for departure.

You can read the current comments regarding this situation here

* Mark Gerhard was the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) before being named Jagex’s CEO in 2009. He is often credited with strengthening the developer-user community, integrating many popular features to the game, as well as actively employing user feedback for the development of Runescape 3. Currently he has not revealed any plans post-departure.

* Insight Venture Partners (IVP) is a New York based venture capital firm with investments into well-known companies, such as Twitter, Tumblr, Zumba, IndieGogo, and Nexon. Jagex became funded by IVP in October 2005.

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