Rust servers coming back after DDoS attacks

Rust servers coming back after DDoS attacks


Over the past couple of days Facepunch Studios have been battling with a DDoS attack which has effected servers for their building survival game Rust. This has of course annoyed a lot or players but Facepunch jumped straight on the case to address the problems as quickly as possible.

The problems started on the 28th and Facepunch posted an explanation.

So after some investigating it appears that the servers are receiving DDOS attacks. Not the usual, send loads of traffic at a server until it chokes and can’t take any more ddos attack. It kind of seems like someone is periodically grabbing the server list and attacking any occupied server with a bunch of empty packets.

We use a networking library called uLink. It works well for us. We can get 300 people on a single server. We’re happy. But it is not without its issues. I get the feeling that it’s not that widely used – so there’s a lot of relatively simple exploits that haven’t been found. We’ve reported issues. A lot. But always seem to receive the same responses. Basically – it’s going to be fixed in the future, in an update that is planned for the next month, that never really gets released.

An update this morning says they have added “countermeasures” and all server admins should update their servers.

Initial results appear to be promising with players now reporting that servers are stabilising. A further update from Facepunch is expected to be posted tomorrow which should provide more information on what exactly happened.

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  • Paul Younger

    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

    • Sasha

      I Hate DDOSERS there so stupid, they get all mad bcuz they dont get to have a server of they’re own, or they die on a server or they get banned or somthing, its just like grow the hell up and get a life!

    • nax

      I heard that Ulink are going to patch this problem, how true it is I don’t know.

    • Rukkus

      it’s currently 1700 EST on 12/29 and the servers are still jammed. Also I would like to add that these problems began to occur on Dec 26th. 2 days prior to the press release.