A noble trend-setter.

It’s time for more Rust development news, straight from the hand of Garry “I’m not Gary Newman” Newman. Devblog 8 takes a look at the work the team have done on getting procedural maps in the game, progress on additional animations and the adventures of a trouserless man in the wilderness.

Those procedural maps are “working in game” but are also said to be in a fairly early stage. I assume they’re available to mess around with in the experimental branch of Rust (which you can access through the beta’s tab on Steam, but do some save back-ups first.) At the link above you can see a video of a man who has liberated himself from his trousers and is strolling proudly through the world in just a red hoodie. He’s a pioneer of style.

There’s some news about grass too, but I don’t know if I can fake being interested in virtual grass.

Far more interesting is the addition of an F2 graphics hotkey that’ll bring up the in-game graphics options without you having to wade back to the main menu and then through seven other menus just to find some anti-aliasing settings.

Rust’s selection of animations is growing too. Ducking and Jumping are now in, along with the option to go swimming in some of those procedurally generated lakes.

“I think now the new terrain system is in people are starting to realise the scope of the changes we’re making. I hope it’s obvious that we’re not just re-creating the current version of Rust with better graphics, we’re also improving and re-thinking things along the way,” says Newman in his summary. He adds that Rust is finally “getting closer and closer to the point of being actually playable and fun.”

Lots to digest if you’re interested in where Rust is heading in future.



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