GSC Game World, via the official S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Facebook page, has clarified their stance on ongoing Kickstarter Areal.

The post professing their support for the project has been edited, to make clear that it did not exactly represent the official stance of the company. You can read the post in its current form below.

In follow up posts in that thread, GSC does continue to validate West Games’ claims as a former S.T.A.L.K.E.R. developer. They agree that there were mistakes in how the Kickstarter was announced, but this should not be taken as proof the whole thing as a scam. They also ask people to pay better attention to West Games’ actual claims vs what critics have unfairly pilloried at them.

You can read their follow up comments below:

We agree that West Games could have done a better job launching their Kickstarter project however their somewhat clumsy initial effort does not mean they are fake, a scam or anything than what they claim to be. With each day they are working to fix this and make a better representation of their efforts. Please be patient and keep an open mind. Thanks.

I feel like a broken record having to explain the same stuff over and over again. Please people, use your brains to actually think about the intent and what you see. The video footage was intended to show that the people at West Games were former GSC Employees. Nothing more. They NEVER implied they were producing another Stalker Game. They NEVER implied the footage shown was what they were working on. Look at the provided art work on the Kickstarter page. Obviously Areal is featuring a brightly colored environment that looks nothing like a Stalker Game.

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