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So far, Sea of Stars has looked like the perfect game for fans of classic turn-based RPGs to look forward to. Developed by Sabotage Studio, the same team behind The MessengerSea of Stars aims to give players the same warm, fuzzy feelings they had when playing classic JRPGs like Chrono Trigger. At the same time, it seeks to modernize the formula of these classic games in various ways, such as by implementing seamless transitions from exploration to combat. Naturally, such an ambitious project can take a long time to make, as evidenced by today’s decision by the developers to delay Sea of Stars from 2022 to 2023.

Sabotage Studio announced this decision on the official Sea of Stars Twitter account. In a statement, the developer noted that it has “two main priorities⁠—quality of life for our team and quality of the finished game.” Additionally, the studio thanked fans for their support and hopes that it can release some kind of demo for players to try this year.


Still closer than the stars in our sky

According to the Steam pageSea of Stars boasts a combat system that follows in the footsteps of games like Paper Mario, featuring timed hits that augment the damage of attacks. In addition, you can get the upper hand using multi-character combo attacks and boosting as well as a “locks” system that allows for experimentation with damage types. Sea of Stars also aims on making environmental traversal more interesting than the average grid-based RPG, featuring platformer-esque controls that emphasize fluid navigation.

Certain fans may feel bummed out that Sea of Stars is undergoing a delay, but it is ultimately beneficial for the health of both the game and the developers. For this game to come out as polished and expansive as it seems like it will be, the developers need all the time and support they can get.

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