saints row gat out of hell

Please let Meatloaf be in this.

That Saints Row PAX teaser from earlier today has turned out to be standalone expansion Gat Out of Hell. Priced at $20.00 USD, you won’t need a copy of Saints Row IV to play it. Although if you’re a fan of the series the chances are you own that game anyway.

Judging by the trailer (below,) a bit of harmless ouija board fun goes badly wrong and requires Kenzie and Johnny Gat to dive right into a hell dimension portal to save the day. Or to “shoot the devil in the face,” which I guess is just taking a different approach to the problem for the same ends.

The Hell area is apparently going to be about half the size of Steelport and will feature a number of new, deliciously demonic, weapons. Including an easy chair with machine guns on it, representing the deadly sin of sloth. As seen, again, in the trailer, you’ll also be able to fly around the city with your brand new pair of demon wings. Handy stuff.

Two player co-op will be possible as well, with players taking control of Gat and Kenzie respectively. Gat Out of Hell is due on 27 January.

Have a look at the announcement video, right here.

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