Salt and Sanctuary sequel, Salt and Sacrifice, is heading to PC early 2022

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One of my favorite indie Souls-likes is getting a sequel soon. Salt and Sanctuary borrowed a lot of elements from Dark Souls, but set itself apart with its hand-drawn art style and 2D gameplay. It is going to be followed up by Salt and Sacrifice, which is heading to PC early 2022.

It’s been about five years since developer Ska Studios released Salt and Sanctuary. In that time, the developer released Charlie Murder and The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile — both in 2017. In the amount of time that followed, you could be forgiven for thinking that a follow-up to the Souls-like wasn’t in the cards. However, it looks like Ska was busy in the shadows, secretly working on its sequel after all.


Salt and Sacrifice looks to continue the style of its predecessor. Sanctuary aped Dark Souls with brutal combat, RPG elements, and a similar currency system with salt in lieu of souls. However, it stood out with its art style and 2D platforming and exploration. Salt and Sacrifice will be much of the same, offering multiple classes, a armory of deadly weapons, and a world set out to kill your ass dead.

Getting a little salty

Salt and Sacrifice however, will not just be a simple retread. The game will include new equipment such as a grappling hook to get you to higher places. Killing Mages (which are your prey in the game) will allow you to craft items granting special abilities. There will also be drop-in, drop-out co-op, with friendly and enemy factions to join.

“Seeing the multiplayer aspects of Salt and Sacrifice come to life has been really cool,” said James Silva, founder of Ska Studios, in a press release. “There are so many interesting things we can do with our different factions’ goals within this perilous Mage-wracked world.”

Even though the trailer itself was painted in PlayStation blue, the game will not be exclusive to the platform. Salt and Sacrifice will head to PC in early 2022 with a $19.99 USD price.

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