Satellite Reign gets tasty new alpha gameplay video

Satellite Reign

It’s been a while since we heard much about Satellite Reign from 5 Lives Studios but today they broke silence to show more of the Syndicate inspired tile.

The footage on show is a “first glimpse” of the the action in its pre-alpha state. The video was recorded at 1920×1080 @ 60 fps on a 2nd Generation i5 PC with a Radeon 5970 using Fraps to show that even a modest rig is having no problems with the game so far.

5 Lives Studios’ Mike Diskett points out that it’s still very early days and the UI, audio, weapons and effects are “100% placeholder”. What the video does show is the great looking city streets, lighting, the agents coats reacting  to wind, the civilian crowds, CCTV cameras, cover usage, x ray camera mode, and a few enemies. Not bad for a quick early demonstration video.

After watching the video I think any Syndicate fan will be pleased with the results so far, it’s looking rather tasty. If the footage has convinced you then you can still back the game through the official website.

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