Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare reveal coming following code tease and second video

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare reveal coming following code tease and second video

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Activision has kicked out another Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare teaser today featuring a new character Lieutenant Reyes and we can expect more tomorrow.

Along with the video clip (see below), a new Facebook page called CODMessenger with Reyes prompting users to hunt down a code which has now been discovered to be GCNE3MD4GATF. The post reads:

[Surname]! This is Lt. Reyes, Naval Special Operations under Adm. Raines. I’ve got Settlement Defense Front forces closing in on my position.

I’m going to need your help to get through this. Can I count on you?

Welcome aboard. Now listen up: I need your help to strike back before The Front wipes us all to hell! They’ve scrambled the access code to the SATO defense grid. We can’t fight back until we get that code.

We recovered the first part, a– “G”, but I need you to find the next 11.

Okay, your mission–

Dammit, stand by.

Son of a… We lost another ship! We’ve got to move ASAP. I have the first piece of the code — “G” — but I need you to secure the next 11 parts. If you’ve got any questions, now’s the time.

Can’t talk much more, but you got this. The Front sent a ship to hunt for the codes same as you. If you see that ship, the code can’t be far.

Focus, soldier. I can see you need more intel. I’ll tell you what I know.

I don’t have an exact fix on the ship but here’s an image from another operator:

When the code is fired off to Reyes heĀ responds with:

Looking five by five on that code, soldier! We just might make it out of this one alive. The defense grid is lighting up!

It’s been an honor serving with you, [Surname]. Well done. All right, I’ve got to get back into this fight. You get yourself some rack time. The music should start up around 1600 GMT. Return here for transmission. You’re going to want to see this. Until then, Reyes out.

A message is then sent back which hints at a reveal probably tomorrow.



Cpl. Rodriguez here. Damn good work, [Surname]. Reyes said you’d be heading my way. I’ll be here until the ball drops at 16:00 GMT. Until then, make yourself comfortable.

All good fun and games and it’s kept Reddit users busy today. Watch out for moreĀ Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare info tomorrow.

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