Sequel to Metro: 2033 confirmed

Sequel to be called Metro: Last Light.
Until now, the sequel to the criminally overlooked Metro: 2033 has been but rumour. However, during THQ’s 2011 final quarter earnings report, CEO Brian Farrell confirmed that the sequel – entitled Metro: Last Light – is indeed in development.
No word as of yet regarding release date/s.
In the meantime, i suggest you pick up and play Metro: 2033. It’s a wonderful game that suffered from a number of sub-par reviews and extremely poor (almost non-existent) marketing from THQ. Don’t believe what you read in those reviews, it’s a great game and one of the few hidden gems the industry has produced in recent years.
You can also do a lot worse than reading the original books on which the game is based by Dmitry Glukhovsky.
Image taken from Metro: 2033.

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