Shadow Warrior 2 PC release date finalised

Shadow Warrior 2 PC release date finalised

Flying Wild Hog’s Shadow Warrior 2 now has a final release date on the PC with all the Wang action arriving on 13 October.

The game can be pre-ordered on all the usual digital outlets with a 10% discount as a bonus ($39.99 / £34.99 / 36.99 Eur). Pre-orders also receive the ‘Razorback’ chainsaw katana which sounds nasty. That’s not all, anyone who owns Flying Wild Hog’s previous games Shadow Warrior and Hard Reset Redux gets an additional 10% off.

There is a Deluxe edition of the game ($49.99 / £44.99 / 46.99 Eur) which adds the Shadow Warrior 2 soundtrack, the Art of Shadow Warrior 2 digital book, and the Solid Gold Pack that includes an exclusive gold co-op ninja skin, katana and MP7.

“The reception to each new bit of Shadow Warrior 2 that we share has been thrilling and our team is excited, and relieved, to finally share our work with the fans,” said Micchal Szustak, Studio Director at Flying Wild Hog. “We think our small studio has accomplished something special with Shadow Warrior 2 and hope that both fans of the classic FPS and those that enjoy more modern shooters will enjoy the game.”

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