The Humble Store is giving away a whole lot of Wang over the next two days; Shadow Warrior: Special Edition is completely free. Unless you consider having to make a (free) Humble account a cost, because you will need to do that.

Looks like Shadow Warrior will be available to claim as a freebie from now until around 10am Pacific Time on 22 July (Saturday). Doing so will provide you with a Steam key to redeem. It’s the ‘Special Edition‘ version of the game, which added a digital art book, soundtrack, and a pair of weapons to the vanilla version (a Serious Sam sledgehammer, and a Hotline Miami katana).

The game is a “reimagining” of the 3DRealms title from 1997. As mighty hero Lo Wang, it’s up to you to cut (and shoot, and … mystical power) your way through hordes of annoying Demons. The trailer below gives a pretty decent impression of the overall tone.

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