Shenmue III trial weekend backers

Shenmue III backers can explore Bailu Village this weekend during the trial version of the game. The one-hour long demo will allow you to mosey around the little village, seeing the sights and enjoy some of the story.

Of course, the trial is available to all Shenmue III backers. You would have had to reach the $100 USD Trial tier during the backer campaign. If you managed to reach the necessary tier, check your inbox for the invite from Fangamer.

To download the trial, you have only a few easy steps ahead of you. First, you’ll need to head over to your backer management page located at Fangamer. Next, a link labeled “Get Download Codes” should appear before the weekend. As reported, Shenmue III is first coming to PC as a temporary exclusive on the Epic Games Store. So, you’ll need to have an Epic games account in order to use the code, obviously. If you’re still somewhat miffed about the exclusive deal, you Backer Management page also has a check box to ask for the Steam code when it becomes available.

The trial clocks in at around 20GB, so check to see if you have the space. Also, be sure to cruise on over to our system requirements page to see if you can run the game. But don’t worry, it looks like this game could run on a toaster if you really wanted it to.

Trial by combat

The trial itself has some stipulations, of course. You will be able to experience a small portion of the story, as well as some minigames and a fight or three. However, you won’t be able to save your progress. It’s a timed trial in a way; once the in-game clock hits 9 pm, the trial will end. However, you’ll be able to replay the trial if your appetite for Shenmue hasn’t been sated.

Shenmue III will (finally) launch on PC via the Epic Games Store on November 19.

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