Shenmue III DLC

The story behind Shenmue III has already seen quite a few twists and turns. But now, it’s ready to continue, with a new DLC pack coming to the Epic Games Store early next week.

Deep Silver confirmed today that the “Story Quest Pack” will make its debut February 18, just a few days from now. It will go for $5.99 and pick up right where the original game left off.

According to the publisher, the story will follow Shenmue‘s “fearless adventurer,” Ryo Hazuki, as he comes across a “familiar face from the past Zhang Shugin.” As he ventures further after them, he “quickly becomes embroiled in a new escapade where nothing is at it seems.” It’s a rather long chapter, promising several hours of play. That should be good news for those that weren’t ready to see this journey end just yet.

The adventure continues, for a rather small fee

If you already purchased the “Complete DLC Collection” with the game, this DLC will be free of charge. Just look after it releases and you should see it ready to download to your collection. If not, you can still buy it on the Epic Games Store. It’s available separately for $14.99, or you can buy it with Shenmue III‘s Digital Deluxe Edition for $64.98.

As far as what other DLC will follow after, those details aren’t available just yet. But we should know just a little while after this new pack debuts.

While specific details haven’t been revealed outside of that small description, the latest chapter to Shenmue III should be intriguing, especially with a mastermind like Yu Suzuki behind it. If you haven’t discovered it yet, you’ve still got the weekend to jump in.

Check out the original trailer for Shenmue III above to get an idea of what you might have missed so far.

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